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Welcome to Wallacei !

We are happy to announce the first release of 'Wallacei'! 

Wallacei is a series of Grasshopper 3D components that aim to help users further analyze and visualize data sets generated through Evolutionary Algorithms. The aim of the add-on is to assist users of evolutionary computation to more comprehensively understand how their implemented evolutionary algorithm performs by comparatively evaluating empirical data outputted by the algorithm; thus presenting possible strategies towards modifying the algorithmic approach in order to gain more efficiency in evolving solutions that generate variation yet simultaneously increase in fitness.

Initially, the add-on was developed to examine and further analyze data sets outputted from ‘Octopus’ (a multi-objective evolutionary algorithm Grasshopper add-on developed by Robert Vierlinger). The first release has been further developed in order to accept data sets not only from Octopus but from other evolutionary algorithms as well.

Wallacei has been developed by Mohammed Makki and Milad Showkatbakhsh at the Architectural Association in London as part of their research on the application of evolutionary computation within Architecture under the directorship of Dr. Michael Weinstock.

Although the first release focuses predominantly on evaluation and analysis of outputted data from evolutionary algorithms, Wallacei will culminate in becoming a multi-objective evolutionary algorithm within Grasshopper 3D. 


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