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The Wallacei team provides consultancy services for the application of evolutionary computation and its associated processes using Wallacei in all aspects and stages of the design process.  


We bring our expertise for the application of evolutionary processes in design to better equip practices from the industry for using Wallacei to design the environment rather than the solution, thus empowering professionals with the freedom associated with evolving thousands of design solutions that adapt and optimize towards specific design objectives without the interference and subjectivity inherent to the conventional approach to the design process.

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Our services extend to all aspects of the evolutionary design process. Whether you need help in designing the environment, setting up and running the evolutionary algorithm, analyzing the results of the evolutionary simulation or selecting the final solution set and visualizing their morphological attributes; our expertise plays a key role in facilitating all of the above in an efficient and streamlined way. Using an in-house and advanced version of Wallacei that is not released to the public, coupled with extensive knowledge and experience on the application of the tool and its driving concepts, the Wallacei team provide a substantial addition to the design process of any project, regardless of scale, location or scope.


The applications of evolutionary processes in design is an approach and method that is incredibly robust and vastly advantageous in creatively exploring a new and innovative approach to the design process; one that breaks away from the conventional and soon to be out-dated solution-based approach. Designers, Engineers and professionals from the AEC industry are noticing this and are quickly arriving at the conclusion that something must change. Through Wallacei, we are here to offer this change.

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Wallacei in BIM

With the release of the Rhino.Inside feature by the McNeel team at Rhino 3D, the integration and utilization of algorithmic modelling and algorithmic processes in BIM software has become a reality; and so, our services now include the ability to use Wallacei, and thus take full advantage of all its features, directly within BIM software such as Revit. We here at Wallacei have understood that this integration is vital to ensure a seamless integration between design and production; where this integration was once a sequential one, it is now possible for it to be a simultaneous one.

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