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Wallacei X is Officially Released

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

Wallacei X is here! It is time to take full control over your evolutionary simulations!

After a year of many sleepless nights, the Wallacei team are proud to announce the release of Wallacei X, an evolutionary engine that allows users to run evolutionary simulations in Grasshopper 3D through utilising highly detailed analytic tools coupled with various comprehensive selection methods, including algorithmic clustering, to assist users to better understand their evolutionary runs, and make more informed decisions at all stages of their evolutionary simulations; including setting up the design problem, analysing the outputted results and selecting the desired solution or solutions for the final output. Wallacei also provides users with the ability to select, reconstruct and output any phenotype from the population after completing their simulation!

The free plugin is streamlined to give users efficient access to the data outputted by their evolutionary simulations, and enable clear and efficient methods for analysis and selection – The aim is for users (of all degrees of expertise) to better understand their evolutionary simulations, gain a thorough understanding of the outputted numeric values, and seamlessly extract the optimised data; all within one user interface.

You can download the latest version of Wallacei here:

Our new website is completely refreshed to provide you with an easy interface for learning more about the Wallacei platform, watch video tutorials, participate in the Wallacei forum (which you can now access from directly within the Wallacei X plugin!), view examples of work created through Wallacei (more on this below) and download the first Wallacei Primer – a go to document for all your Wallacei needs.

We are continuing the development of Wallacei with a planned second version that will have many great features that missed the cut for this release; we will keep users posted through the forum and the Wallacei website on how we are getting along. BUT, we are very keen on hearing your thoughts on Wallacei, and the application of evolutionary simulations in design in general, and what you would like to be part of the next Wallacei X version. Please post your questions/queries to the Wallacei group at the following link:

We invite you to upload and show off your Wallacei skills on the Wallacei forum! We will regularly feature some of the work posted here on our website, so be sure to post your best!

Finally, over the coming few months, our team will be holding several workshops and presentations about Wallacei in different parts of the world (a webinar is also planned!); be sure to stay tuned on the Wallacei ‘News’ page to stay up to speed on our next presentation/workshop date!

We hope you enjoy Wallacei!


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