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Wallacei Release - Version 2.3


The latest update of Wallacei is now released on the Wallacei download page.

This latest version of Wallacei - V2.3 - includes several bug fixes as well as several new features, including an export progress bar that indicates to users the time remaining for exporting solutions as well as an option to stop the export process at any time.

A major feature has also been added to this latest version - the 'Distribute to Grid' component. This new component streamlines the visualisation process for solutions exported through the WallaceiX component. By simply inputting the exported solutions, users can distribute the geometries to a grid along with their associated data such as fitness values and solution locations! Eazy Peazy!

Follow the link below to watch a tutorial on how to use the 'Distribute to Grid' Component.

Also, the 'Diamond Fitness Chart' component from Wallacei Analytics has been updated so that it now allows users to draw multiple diamond charts for different solutions through a single operation. This can be coupled with the 'Distribute to Grid' component above to visualise the diamond charts next to the distributed solutions.


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