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Wallacei Presentation at Bristol University

We are happy to announce that we will be presenting the applications of multi-objective evolutionary algorithms in design using WALLACEI – in the 5th annual design research exhibition and symposium, “Sentient Space” in Centre for Architecture and the Build Environment Research at UWE Bristol.

From the Organisers, the Symposium will investigate the following:

"In academia, design research outputs are increasingly presented to the UK government’s research excellence framework (REF) alongside journal papers and books. Recently, design research has matured and is permeating architectural practice in the form of Research and Design (R&D). The digital revolution is advancing and complementing established architectural practices and methods creating exciting new innovative solutions as well as modes of experience. This symposium explores design research within the domain of sentience. The event will ask: How do we sense the space we inhabit? How do new media and technologies challenge conventional practices of perception and representation? How can computational agents achieve intelligence and inform architectural thinking and making? And, how can machine learning aid spatial


The event forms part of the annual symposia and exhibition series dedicated to contemporary investigations in design research, convened within the Centre for Architecture and Built Environment Research at UWE, Bristol. An exhibition of postgraduate Design

Research module work from the Master of Architecture and PhD programmes is launched at the symposium. The event showcases innovative projects that use design as a research method and brings together leading practitioners and academics with internal academics and students. The symposium provides an opportunity for exchange and exploration of the rapidly evolving field of design research."

The symposium and exhibition are free and open to the public. Places for the symposium are limited. Please rsvp to

The Symposium will take place at the Centre for Architecture and the Built Environment Research (CABER), The Studios Building, R-block, Bristol UWE, Frenchay Campus, Bristol BS16 1QY

For travel see :


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