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Urban Tissue Optimization Through Evolutionary Computation

Wallacei Co-author Mohammed Makki has published his recent work on the application of evolutionary computation as a design model for the development of morphological variation for urban blocks and superblocks. The research, which is conducted with lead author Dr. Diego Navarro-Mateu and co-author Dr. Ana Cocho-Bermejo from the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, examines the urban form of the city of Barcelona, and utilises the Eixample urban block as a design primitive and primary driver for the evolutionary simulation, in which problems of density, open space, solar exposure and connectivity are tackled through the presented experiments.

The paper, which is published in the open-access, peer reviewed journal Mathematics heavily utilises Wallacei tools for the analysis of the simulation's output, and is the first to utilise the 'Wallacei_Genome' component to visualise and analyse the genotypes of selected solutions from the simulation.

For more information and to read the paper in full, please click here.


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