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Checkout the Work Created in the Wallacei Workshop at Shenzhen University!

Wallacei was taught in a 2-day workshop at the School of Architecture and Urban Planning in ShenZhen University in China, organised by Zhenyuan Yang, lecturer of urban design at ShenZhen University. The workshop brought students from both undergraduate and graduate programs and introduced them to the applications of multi objective optimisation algorithms in design using Wallacei.

The workshop focused on the design of a tower (or in some instances tower clusters) in the newly developed bay of ShenZhen. Over the course of the workshop, students learnt how to change their design approach from one that designs the solution, to one that designs the environment (which in turn will create the solution), with a greater focus on analysing the results of their evolutionary simulations (through multiple different methods) to better and more efficiently design (or re-design) their environments.

Well done students of the SZU!!!

Visit to see all the work created by the students of the workshop!


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