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Tabony Architects and Engineers // Negev

Tabony Architects and Engineers, an award-winning multidisciplinary practice, highly specialized in educational and cultural facilities implemented Wallacei in their mission for the employment of highly advanced generative design tools in practice. Due to the complexity of the problem being investigated together with the extreme climatic conditions of the site the 60+ years old practice applied Wallacei in the early design explorations of a commissioned project to design an educational facility in a desert like environment. The design team generated a population of 1000+ design solutions that were iteratively optimized for 7 objectives. Sufficient green space, Adequate Solar Exposure, and the desired constructed floor area were amongst 7 objectives Wallacei optimized for. Through precise analytical methods provided in Wallacei, the design team selected one solution for further design development.

  • Llabrestabony Architects
  • Tabony Architects and Engineers
  • Aiman Tabony
  • Aiman Tabony
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